Murottal Quran MP3 Offline With Text And Translation

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Murottal Quran MP3 Offline With Text And Translation

Murottal Quran MP3 Offline with Translation and Text Qiblat

Now listen to Full Quran offline without an Internet connection.
Full MP3 Quran to listen quran
Listen to the Quran offline without an Internet connection. Just open the Quran and press the Koran for each Surah.
The MP3 files will play and you will be able to listen to the Koran for a long time.

Murottal Quran MP3 Offline With Text And Translation

Each Surah will be replayed automatically. There is no need to tab again and again on each Surat full mp3 quran mishary rasyid.
This way you can listen to Full Quran offline mp3 with translation.

This app has the following features:

-Flexible and responsive user interface
-Murottal Said Al Ghamdi
-Famous Qurra Recitation [Narrators]
-Coran audio
-Mishary Bin Rashid
-Ahmad ibn Ali Ajmi
-MP3 Quran Audio
-Coran with Urdu translation
-Coran with several reciters
-Al Arab Qur'an
-Holy Quran (HD)
-Holy Quran by interpretation
-114 Surah The Koran
-Coran (full 30 Juz)
-MP3 Koran
-Coran Karim-Coran
-Offline availability of the Koran (audio) anytime anywhere
-Said Al ghamdi
-Works online and offline
-Find Sourah using the search bar.
-All 114 Surahs Koran in order.
-Listen and learn the Koran
-Holy Quran (read and listen)

Sura List:
-Al-Fatihah (The Opening) audio
-Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) audio
-Surah Al-' Imran audio
-Surah An-Nisa Audio
-Al-Ma'idah Audio
-Surah Al-An'am Audio
-Surah Al-A'raf Audio
Al-Anfal Audio
-Al-Bara'at/At-Tawchange Audio
-Jonah's Audio
-Hud audio
-Surah Yusuf Audio
Audio Ar-Ra'd
-Surah Ibrahim Audio
Al-HIJR Audio
-An-Nahl Audio
-Surah the audio Bani Israel
-Surah Al-KAHF Audio
-Surah Maryam Audio
-TaHa Audio
-Al-Anbiya ' audio
-Al-Hajj Audio
-Al-Mu'minun Audio
-An-Nur Audio
Al-Furqan Audio
-Ash-Shu'ara ' audio
-An-Naml Audio
Al-Qasas Audio
-Al-'anfog Audio
Audio Ar-Rum
Luqman Audio
-As-Sajdah Audio
Al-Ahzab Audio
Al-Saba Audio
Al-Fatir Audio
-Surah Yasin (Surah Yaseen) The Audio
-As-Saffat Audio
-Sad Audio
Az-Zumar Audio
-Al-Mu'min Audio
-Ha Mim Audio
-Ash-Shura Audio
Az-Zukhruf Audio
Ad-Dukhan Audio
Al-Jathiyah Audio
Al-Ahqaf Audio
-Surah Muhammad Audio
Al-Fath Audio
Al-Hujurat Audio
-Qaf Audio
Ad-Dhariyat Audio
-Audio in turn
-An-NAJM Audio
Al-Qamar Audio
Ar-Rahman Audio
-Al-Waqi'ah Audio
Al-Hadid Audio
Al-MuBE Audio
Al-HASHR Audio
-Al-Mumtahanah Audio
-As-Saff Audio
Al-Jumu'ah Audio
Al-Munafiqun Audio
-At-Taghabun Audio
At-Talaq Audio
-At-Tahrim Audio
Al-Mulk Audio
Al-Qalam Audio
Al-Haqqah Audio
Al-Ma'arij Audio
Noah Noah Audio
-Al-Jinn's Surah audio
-Al-Muzzammil Audio
Al-Muddaththir Audio
Al-Qiyamah Audio
Al-Insan Audio
Al-Mursalat Audio
-An-Naba' audio
-An-Nazi'at Audio
-' Abasa Audio
-At-TAKWIR Audio
-Al-Infitar Audio
-Audio to-TATFIF
-Al-Inshiqaq Audio
Al-Buruj Audio
-At-Tariq Audio
Al-A'la Audio
Al-Ghashiyah Audio
Al-Fajr Audio
Al-Balad Audio
-Ash-Shams Audio
Al-Lail Audio
Ad-Duha Audio
-Al-Inshirah Audio
-At-Tin Audio
Al-Alaq Audio
Al-Qadr Audio
Al-Bayyinah Audio
Al-Zilzal Audio
-Al-'adiyat Audio
-Al-Qari'ah Audio
-At-Takathur Audio
Al-ASR Audio
Al-Humazah Audio
-Al-Fil Audio
Al-Quraish Audio
-Al-Ma'un Audio
Al-Kauthar Audio
Al-Kafirun Audio
-An-NASR Audio
Al-Lahab Audio
Al-Ikhlas Audio
Al-Falaq Audio
An-Nas Audio

-If you have any criticism, suggestion, or question, please contact the developer.
-Rate the best application to support developer, thank you.

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